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GameChanger was founded on the firm belief in the power of youth sports to be a pathway to building lasting life skills. Our product provides world class access to live game action, the statistics that matter, teachings to fuel growth, and the solutions that rally community around a team. GameChanger bonds teams like never before.

In November of 2016, GameChanger proudly joined the DICK'S Sporting Goods family.

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Our mission is to provide the essentials for coaches, kids and families to come together by offering developmental insights and resources, increasing engagement and making the games come to life.

Our Values
Customer First
Listen. Be empathetic. Stop and ask yourself: “Will this help our customer?”
Less is More
Limit features, initiatives, copy, partners, meetings, emails, expenses and excuses.
Be a Good Teammate
Be selfless. Admit mistakes. Communicate honestly and directly. Celebrate wins.
Challenge yourself
Seize opportunities to learn and grow. If you get better, we get better.
Think Big
Focus on the long term. Set high standards. Be intolerant of status quo.
Start Today
Do today what others won’t so tomorrow we can do what others can’t.
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We're committed to empowering the youth sports world.

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