Date Away Team Home Team Location Result/Time Type
201206282330 Timberline Cokes TL Athletics League
201206262330 Timberline Cokes Sportsters League
201206231700 Bandit ball Athletics Timberline Cokes Non-League
201206210130 Timberline Cokes Drillers League
201206182330 Elks Timberline Cokes League
201206161700 Timberline Cokes Thrifters League
201206150130 Timberline Cokes Ru athletics Rushmore League
201206122330 Timberline Cokes Insurers Rushmore League
201206091700 Timberline Cokes TL Athletics League
201206080000 Timberline Cokes Bandit Ball Oilers Bandit ball Non-League
201206062330 Timberline Cokes Blockers Rushmore League
201206042330 Classics Timberline Cokes Timberline League
201206021500 Sportsters Timberline Cokes Timberline League
201206010130 Ru athletics Timberline Cokes Timberline League
201205292330 Timberline Cokes Elks Rushmore League
201205240000 Insurers Timberline Cokes Timberline League
201205220000 Timberline Cokes Bandit Ball Oilers Bandit ball Non-League
201205191900 Blockers Timberline Cokes Timberline COKES 7, BLCK 3 Final League
201205160000 Drillers Timberline Cokes Timberline DRLS 13, COKES 7 Final League
201205121700 Timberline Cokes Thrifters Timberline THRF 5, COKES 4 Final League
201205090000 Timberline Cokes Sportsters Timberline SPRT 9, COKES 8 Final League
201205080000 Bandit Ball Oilers Timberline Cokes Timberline COKES 21, BNDT 0 Final Non-League
201205060000 TL Athletics Timberline Cokes Timberline TLHC 13, COKES 1 Final League
201205040000 Timberline Cokes Classics Rushmore CLS 3, COKES 1 Final League
201205020000 Timberline A's Thrifters Timberline League
201204290000 Timberline Cokes Drillers Timberline DRLS 6, COKES 5 Final League
201204280700 Thrifters Rushmore A's Rushmore THRIFT 12, RSHM 5 Final League
201204260000 Drillers Timberline As Majors field League
201204250000 Thrifters Cokes Timberline CKS 8, THRIFT 7 Final League
201204250000 Thrifters Timberline Cokes Timberline COKES 8, THRF 7 Final League
201204140546 Thrifters TBD CL THRIFT 0, TBD 0 Final Exhibition
201204071847 TBD Thrifters Unspecified TBD 0, THRIFT 0 Final Postseason
201107070135 Drillers CL Drillers Rm CLDR 7, DRILL 5 Final League
201107070127 CL Drillers Drillers RM League
201107052312 Insurers Drillers Rushmore DRILL 15, INSR 7 Final Postseason
201106302330 Drillers A's Timberline A'S 11, DRILL 1 Final League
201106290130 Drillers Rushmore Blockers RM DRILL 7, RSHM 4 Final Non-League
201106272330 Thrifters Drillers Timberline DRILL 7, THRF 4 Final League
201106251700 Cokes Drillers Timberline League
201106240130 BB Oilers Drillers Timberline DRILL 12, BLRS 1 Final Non-League
201106222330 Sp Green Drillers Timberline Non-League
201106181700 Drillers Sportsters Timberline SPRT 5, DRILL 2 Final League
201106150130 Drillers RM Elks RM DRILL 29, RMLK 9 Final Non-League
201106140130 BB A's Drillers Timberline Non-League
201106111900 Drillers Sturgis bankers Sturgis DRILL 14, STRG 6 Final Non-League
201106102330 Rushmore Blockers Drillers Timberline RSHM 9, DRILL 6 Final Non-League
201106092330 Drillers Rushmore Classics Rushmore RSHM 8, DRILL 6 Final Non-League
^ = Unfinished game [?]    * = Manually-entered game
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