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We’re a technology company that builds simple and powerful products for youth sports teams and their communities. Our app provides world class access to live game action, the statistics to inform teachings and help fuel growth, and solutions that rally community around a team.
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Joining Forces
In November 2016, GameChanger proudly joined the DICK’S Sporting Goods family.
Our Values
We put our customers first, always asking, “Will this enhance their youth sports experience?”. We deeply understand our customers and work hard to anticipate their needs. We celebrate and support our customers’ contributions to their communities.
Team Players
We hold each other accountable to deliver our best effort. We are empathetic and supportive, providing a safe environment for risk taking. We listen actively, encourage debate, and commit to action. We do unglamorous work in service of the team.
We take on challenging initiatives designed to drive significant growth. We are mission-oriented, working with urgency to deliver value to our customers. We set a high bar, invest in development, and strive to be the best.
We take the initiative to solve problems. We entrust decisions to those closest to the problem. We embrace individual responsibility and accountability.
We say “no” to valuable initiatives so we can concentrate resources on our most important work. We respect others’ time by limiting distractions, running efficient meetings and communicating concisely.

We believe in the power of youth sports to promote lifelong skill-building and to affect change and growth in communities.

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GameChanger is a proud member of the DICK’S Sporting Goods family.