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Before your teams step on the field, we’re here to help you step up your game. Get started with Head-to-Head Scheduling, Scorekeeping, and more.


Features to streamline your season


Admins schedule all league games for the teams. All games scheduled from within the league will automatically sync to both teams' schedules. Just like a normal event, you can input and manage game locations, times, durations, and participating teams. Any changes to game details must be done through the league page.


A single scorekeeper can score for both teams. If and when the second team (i.e. Away Team) wants to score, they can simultaneously score the game for themselves. From this point forward, each team will be scoring their own game while the league admin controls which score is kept for the league.
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Scores from completed games are aggregated into standings which display wins, losses, and ties for all teams in the league. By default, standings are calculated from league games. There is a tab to view standings for “This League” and “Overall.” “This League” shows standings only for games scheduled from within the league, and “Overall” shows teams’ standings for all of their games played. Tapping each Team's name will navigate you to that Team's primary screen in the app.


The arm health of our young players is of vital importance. To help monitor and enforce mandates, we offer in-game alerts and also provide admins with visibility into pitch counts for the last 5 days of games.


Teams can be added to leagues in two ways: Search and Invite Teams or Share Invite Link. Each team that you invite must be a team that has already been created on GameChanger in order for that team to join. Each team that is invited to the event will receive a "Team Alert" that is accessible from their Team Alert screen found on the top navigation bar in the app. When sending an invite link, coaches will click on the link and select which of their GameChanger teams they would like to add to the league.


GameChanger automatically keeps track of game and player stats, and curates offensive and defensive leaders throughout your league or tournament! Currently available for baseball and softball


Gathering basic information

1. Type
Designate League, Travel Org, or Tournament
2. Sport
Select Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, or Flag Football (More Sports - Coming Soon!)
3. Location
Enter city and state
4. Name
Give your league or tournament a public name
5. Governing Body
Is your event affiliated with a governing body (USSA, Little League, etc)? Select or skip
6. Season & Dates
Select the season and dates your games will be played in (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter)
Embed your event scoreboard so everyone can follow along


Powerful features for all your teams

Save every team involved time and effort by scheduling and scoring head-to-head games for both teams.
Easily create Head-to-Head matchups
Admins will have the ability to schedule all games. You can input and manage game locations, times, durations, and participating teams.
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Head-to-Head (Single) Scorekeeping
Single scorekeeper can now score play-by-play events to two GameStreams simultaneously (i.e. the Home team can score for both the Home team and the Away team).
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Your feedback is important

GameChanger Leagues & Tournaments is available to anyone with a GameChanger account. Let us know what you think!


This is just the beginning

We are continuing to work on important features we know you need. Be on the lookout for future releases.
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