Automatic Video Clips for Basketball

Sam Girotra
Product Management
July 21, 2022

Make a driving lay-up, floater in the paint or a corner 3? GameChanger now automatically creates video clips for every made 2 and 3 pointer! 

For basketball games that are both streamed and scored, once the game has ended GameChanger will automatically create a video clip of each made field goal in the game. The clips will appear inside the team's player profiles where they can be watched, downloaded, and shared outside of the app. 

So the next time your favorite player scores a 2 or 3 pointer, we'll have a clip ready and waiting for you to share.

All you need to get started is ensure your team is setup to stream and score the game, we'll take care of the rest.

To access the clips simply,

  1. Visit the player page within the team your player is on
  2. Once your player has any clips, they'll appear directly on the Video Clips tab
  3. Watch, download, and share! (and don't forget to tag us @gcsports) 

This feature is 100% free for team staff, and fans can access with a Premium subscription.

Don't see the clip you were looking for? The more accurately the score is kept, the more accurate the clips will be. For any missed moment you can also always create your own clips using the screen record functionality in the Video Archives.


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