Advanced Stats For Basketball

Sam Girotra
July 2, 2024

GameChanger Team Manager now has advanced basketball stats to help you better analyze your team’s performance. All you need to do is keep score and we’ll take care of the math! Here’s a breakdown of the new stats.


The Plus/Minus stat is a calculation of your team’s net points while a player is on court. For example, if a player was on court the whole game and your team won 50-48, their Plus/Minus would be +2 for the game. Plus/Minus can tell you which lineups are working well and when you might want to switch up some rotations.

You can find the Plus/Minus stat in box scores for individual games in Team Manager.

Effective Field Goal % and True Shooting %

Effective Field Goal % (EFG%) and True Shooting % (TS%) give you a holistic view of your team’s shooting ability.

EFG% measures the effectiveness of both 2 point and 3 point field goals. Since 3 pointers are more valuable than 2 pointers, this stat seeks to capture that. For example, if your team shot 20/40 in a game their field goal percentage is 50%. But what if five of those made field goals were 3-pointers? You scored more points, but your field goal percentage is the same. EFG% gives you credit for those 3-pointers. In this case, EFG% would be 56.25%, better reflecting total points scored on the same number of shots.

The formula for EFG% is: All Field Goals Made + .5(3 Pointers Made)/ All Field Goal Attempts

TS% goes even further than EFG% and measures the effectiveness of both field goals and free throws. It gives credit to teams and players that get to the free throw line and make their free throws. You can think of TS% as how efficient your scoring is per possession. Taking the example from above, if your team also made 8/10 FTs, their TS% would be 60%.

The formula for TS% is: .5*(Total Points)/[(Total Field Goal Attempts)+.44(Total Free Throw Attempts)]

EFG% and TS% are most useful at a season level, where you have a larger sample size of data.

You can find these stats in Team Manager by going to both the Player and Team Stats sections and choosing ‘Advanced’ on each.

Assist to Turnover Ratio

Assist to Turnover ratio is the number of assists recorded by your team divided by the number of turnovers committed. This ratio can indicate how well your team is passing and controlling the ball. The higher the Assist to Turnover ratio, the better. When looking at this stat for individual players, keep in mind the position they play. A point guard will have more opportunities to create assists than a center would.

You can find Assist to Turnover Ratio in Team Manager by going to both the Player and Team Stats sections and choosing ‘Advanced’ on each.

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