League and Tournament Leaderboards: All Players

Jamie Sawyer
June 6, 2024

End of season awards coming up? Handpicking all-star squads or monitoring playing time? We've got you covered!

GameChanger has added statistics and rankings for all players within your league or tournament leaderboards.

Available on web and in the app, organization administrators can enjoy a centralized view of statistics collected during your head-to-head games, along with player rankings according to 17 filterable batting, pitching, and fielding stats. This includes three new stats that will be tracked within the leaders tab: on-base slugging percentage, slugging percentage, and triples! Plus, if you want to play around with the data a bit more, export to a CSV file.

How does it work?

In order to utilize GameChanger Leaderboards and centralized player stats, ensure you are leveraging head-to-head scoring within your league or tournament. As finalized scorebooks come in for head-to-head games within your league or tournament, GameChanger uses proprietary logic to calculate statistics and rankings across all teams competing within your events. We are recalculating data within your leaders tab to assure you have the most up-to-date information to make your decisions.

Questions or feedback on this feature? Send us an email at TMOrganizations@gc.com.

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