Enhanced Play Editing For Scorekeepers

Pete Spiewak
October 9, 2021

Even the best scorekeepers make mistakes: a missed substitution, scoring a hit instead of an error, or ruling a wild pitch when it should’ve been a passed ball. That’s why we’ve invested in our play editing tools, making them available for all scorekeepers in GameChanger Team Manager and allowing for more flexibility when editing a play than ever before.

Now available for Android users

For the first time, Android users will be able to edit plays while scorekeeping in GameChanger Team Manager. From the Plays tab, you can tap the “Edit” button to retroactively change the play participants and certain play outcomes.

After editing a play, your change will be reflected throughout the app. The GameStream, scorebook and stats will all be updated.

More flexible editing

In GameChanger Team Manager, we’ve expanded the capabilities beyond what was previously available on the original GameChanger app.

One mistake we’re now giving you the ability to correct is scoring a hit instead of a fielder’s choice. In our latest update, fielder’s choice will appear in the list of options when editing a play originally scored as a single.

Additionally, you can now edit doubles, triples and inside-the-park home runs to account for errors, or remove an error from a multi-base play. A few examples of changes you can make:

  • Single + error to a double
  • Double to a two-base error
  • Triple to a double + error

Reach out to us at teammanager@gc.com with any questions or feedback.

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