Head-to-Head Scoring in Organizations (Single Scorekeeper)

Pete Spiewak
July 2, 2024

GameChanger continues to do its best to listen to our customers and strive to build the features that Leagues and Organizations need most. With the release of Organizations and Head-to-Head scheduling we knew it was important that we quickly allow Coaches/Scorekeepers in the Organization to have a single scorekeeper be able to keep score for both teams. However, we also wanted to ensure that Teams in the Organization that preferred to score for themselves would still be able to do so.

We feel that with the release of Head-to-Head Scorekeeping (a.k.a. H2H Scoring) to the Organizations BETA we are now able to provide that capability to both customers.

What To Expect

Single Scorekeepers
  • Single scorekeepers can now score play-by-play events to two GameStreams simultaneously (i.e. the Home team can score for both the Home team and the Away team).
Starts automatically with the first pitch
  • Scoring for both teams will happen automatically as soon as the first scorer of the H2H game records that first pitch. Both teams' communities will receive a notification that the game has begun and that live scoring has commenced.
Second team can easily regain Scoring Control
  • If and when the second team (i.e. the Away Team in the above example) elects to “Resume Scoring” then at that point their previously duplicated GameStream is “commandeered” and made separate.
  • From that point forward the GameStreams have diverged and are completely separate until scoring is completed -- this cannot be reversed.
Still combines the GameStream and LiveStream for the full GameDay Experience
  • If a team is LiveStreaming (video) then the duplicated GameStream will still populate the Scoreboard for that live experience and display as it always has. In other words, the LIVE video experience and Archived game videos will appear the same to your team's community regardless of who was keeping score.
Automatic Hit Clips Generated
  • Automatic Hit Clips generated from the GameStream and LiveStream will only be made available to the team that is recording video (i.e. the LiveStream is not being shared, only the GameStream/PBP data is shared across teams).

What Not To Expect

  • Out of scope: As mentioned above the other team will NOT receive the LiveStream Video or Automated Clips created from it (yet). Only the GameStream data will be duplicated across the two team events.

Once again, thank you so much for participating in the Organization BETA with us, we appreciate both your time and your flexibility in working with us to make this feature/capability the very best that it can be. Be sure to regularly update your GameChanger app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play so that you can stay up-to-date with the Organizations BETA and all of the exciting new features to be released for Organizations in 2022!

Questions or feedback on this feature? Send us an email at TMOrganizations@gc.com.

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