Health Tracker Retirement

Pete Spiewak
September 12, 2022

GameChanger has made the decision to retire the Health Tracker feature that has been available since 2020 to help track COVID-19 symptoms in the attendance of Practices, Games and Events.

Some may interpret this decision as GameChanger presuming that “we are out of the woods” with COVID-19 and that the feature is no longer necessary to our users. In fact, the exact opposite is the rationale for the discontinuation of this feature. With the rise of the Delta variant it is apparent that COVID-19 is still very much a part of our lives and we assure you that GameChanger is taking it very seriously.

However, due to the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19 and the ever changing guidelines at the state-by-state level as to how to properly screen for and manage the spread of the virus, it became clear that our solution was not going to be able to meet the needs of our users in each of their local areas. Ultimately, it became far too difficult to customize the feature to adhere to these local policies.

Lastly, this feature was launched to help teams get back to competition. Unfortunately, the very limited usage made it difficult to warrant its continued support.

Thank you all for your continued feedback regarding this feature. I hope that the above explanation provides some context to our decision. Let me assure you that the feedback was not going unheard nor was this an easy decision given the continued daily struggle with this disease.

Ultimately, the decision was made to leave the necessary screening to other health apps and services that are better suited to support it, to focus our attention on maintaining our core features of the service and to enhancing your GameChanger experience moving forward.

Thank you for your time!

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