League Pitch Count Reporting Made Easy on GameChanger Team Manager

Pete Spiewak
October 9, 2021

Tired of tracking down coaches in your league to get their pitch counts after every game? GameChanger Team Manager’s League Pitch Count Report replaces those phone calls, text messages and paper forms — giving you the pitch count for every player in your league with just one click.

What's in the report?

For any team you add to your report that is scoring their games in GameChanger Team Manager, we’ll provide you with relevant information to help you monitor pitcher usage and keep your players safe, with stats like pitch count, innings pitched, and innings caught.

Additionally, we’ve created a new stat called Last Batter First Pitch #, which will let you detect if a player hit a days-of-rest threshold during their last batter faced.

How to get setup

In order to add a team to your Pitch Count Report, you need to be a staff member, so you will either need to create your teams or have an existing Staff member add you as a Staff if a team has already been added to the app. If your league uses Sports Connect, you can import your teams.

Once the teams are created and you have Staff access, follow these steps to set up your report:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon in the bottom right corner of the app
  2. Click “Baseball/Softball League Settings”
  3. Tap into “Teams in League” and select your teams

After you’ve selected your teams, you can return to the League Settings screen at any time and tap “Export Pitch Counts” to generate your Pitch Count Report.

Should I use Pitch Count Reports for my league?

If your league currently requires teams to report their pitch counts and you’re looking to simplify that process, this feature is for you. Download GameChanger Team Manager on the App Store or Play Store to get started.

If your league relies upon groups features in the original GameChanger app like: standings, leaderboards, head-to-head scoring or scoreboard widgets, you should continue to use the GameChanger Baseball & Softball app (App Store and Play Store).

Questions? Send us an email at teammanager@gc.com.


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