Logical Stat Flows

January 4, 2024

Logical Stat Flows

Scorekeeping, Simplified

Scoring a fast-paced basketball game can sometimes feel like a sport in itself. Enter logical stat flows. Our latest feature makes it faster and more intuitive to keep score by streamlining assist and rebound options on made and missed shots — and it’s 100% free. To help you score the game easily and successfully, logical stats flows are automatically enabled as part of the default GameChanger basketball experience.

Context is Key

Basketball is a continuous sequence of connected moments on the court, so we want to make scoring easier and more accurate by presenting you with the right scorekeeping prompts at the right time. For example, if a shot is missed, we know that in most cases the next action will likely be a rebound. Our new scorekeeping flows automatically prompt you for the next logical stat after each shot attempt.

We’ve added the following stat flows:

  • After a made shot, we will automatically ask you who assisted.
  • After a missed or blocked shot, you’ll automatically be prompted to score the rebound.
  • When scoring free throws, the app now allows you to say how many shots are being taken then mark them all down in one seamless flow instead of one by one.

Relive All the Action

Once the game is over, check in on your favorite team and player by viewing box scores and team and player stats. And, following games that are streamed and scored, Premium subscribers have access to automatically generated highlight clips for every basket, rebound, assist, block, and steal of the game.

What’s Next?

We’ve started with shot attempts but there are many other ways we can add context to make sure GameChanger anticipates your needs and creates a more seamless scorekeeping experience. Next on our list is improving our support for substitutions during free throws, and there’s plenty more to come after that. Watch this space as we announce future improvements.

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Questions? Send us an email at help@gc.com.

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