Opponent Scorekeeping for Basketball

Pete Spiewak
June 30, 2022

Basketball scorekeeping has leveled up.

With the latest release of GameChanger, basketball teams can track more detailed stats for their opponents enabling them to make more informed decisions as the game is being played.

Player-Level Stat Tracking

Want stats on your opponent's players? The new GameChanger app now offers player-level scorekeeping for opponents.

After pressing "Start Game", you can choose whether you'd like to track opponent stats at the team level or player level. If you select "Player Assignment", you'll be prompted to choose which opponent player should be credited with each opponent stat.

If you're not interested in player stats for the opposing team, you can set Opponent Options to "Team Only" and the app will not ask you to assign a player after each play. Instead, the app will just apply those stats to the team.

At any point during the game, you can toggle between "Team" and "Player" by tapping on the current selection beside your opponent's team name.

New Stats To Help Make the Right In-Game Adjustments

Are you getting beat on the boards? Which team is taking better care of the ball? As the game is happening, basketball scorekeeping now lets you see how you stack up against the opponent in the most important categories by allowing you to track additional stats for the other team, like rebounds, turnovers and free throws.

Want to know who the opponent's best foul shooter is? Or find out who is grabbing all of the rebounds for the other team? Using the "Player Assignment" option mentioned above will enable you to answer these questions. If you only would like to track those stats at the team level, "Team Only" will work best for you.

Check the "Stats" tab while scorekeeping or the "Box Score" tab from the GameStream to see a comparison in those key areas.

Prepare for Game Time

We're also introducing other opponent-focused features outside of scorekeeping that will help you prepare for game time:

  • Opponent Roster Import: If the other team also uses GameChanger, you can import their roster when scheduling the game via the Opponent field
  • Opponent Management: From your team's page in the app, go to the "Opponents" tab to enter or edit the roster for the opposing team
  • Opponent Season Stats: Do you play the same team multiple times? Use the "Opponents" tab to take a look at that competition's stats in the games you've played against them

Questions? Send us an email at help@gc.com.

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