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Pete Spiewak
July 2, 2024

GameChanger continues to do its best to listen to our customers and strive to build the features that Leagues and Organizations need most. With the release of Organizations and Head-to-Head scheduling it was possible to schedule head-to-head games against opponents within your league. However, the process to add each game one-by-one became tedious and time-intensive for very large organizations.

With the release of the Organization Bulk Schedule tool on the GC Staff Portal the hope is that the time required to schedule games in your organization can be cut drastically.

What is Required

Teams must be a member of the Organization (i.e. League/Tournament)

As an organization admin you may create the teams yourself from scratch and invite the coaches to take control of them or you may invite an existing team that has already been created in GameChanger. Either way, in order to schedule against a team it must be active and joined to the organization. The Bulk Schedule Importer tool will also allow you to download a list of teams that have joined the Organization to make this process a little easier if you are constructing the schedule yourself from scratch.

Ability to edit the CSV template to then upload it to the GameChanger site

Once you have downloaded the formatted CSV template, you will have to edit it to match your organization's schedule. An application that can work with spreadsheets will be required to do this:

  • Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers allow the editing of the .CSV template we will provide which can then be saved as a .CSV file to be imported.
  • Free web-based tools like Google Sheets make the importing of a .CSV spreadsheet easy as well. Once completed, you can then export the .CSV to your computer for importing.

Org Admins only can import the organization's head-to-head schedule

The user must be the Organization Admin to import all of the head-to-head games into the system. Coaches are able to access their Team Events that are created automatically from the creation of head-to-head games but they are unable to create the head-to-head game itself.

How does the Bulk Importer Tool work?

1. Go to your GC Staff Portal and select the organization that you are the administrator for.

NOTE: If you have not created an organization yet, you can do so from within the GameChanger iOS or GameChanger Android app.

2. From the Organization schedule page select the Add Games dropdown and select Import Teams' Schedule from Spreadsheet:

3. Download the .CSV Template and your organization's custom Team List to get started:

4. Select your completed CSV from your files and import it to be analyzed for errors.

5. Correct any errors in your CSV file that the import validation tool finds:

6. Once successful click the Import Schedules button to create all of the head-to-head games in your Organization.

Schedule Imported!

We hope this new feature greatly streamlines the start of your season and we look forward to supporting more of your requested Organization features in the very near future.

Once again, thank you so much for participating in the Organization BETA with us, we appreciate both your time and your flexibility in working with us to make this feature/capability the very best that it can be. Be sure to regularly update your GameChanger app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play so that you can stay up-to-date with the Organizations BETA and all of the exciting new features soon to be released.

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