Organizations and Head-to-Head Scheduling

Pete Spiewak
July 2, 2024

GameChanger Organizations have taken the next big step with the release of Head-to-Head (H2H) Game Scheduling for Baseball and Softball. Org Admins are now able to access a new Schedule tab within the organization to create H2H Games against teams that have joined the organization.

UPDATE:  Head-to-Head Scoring in Organizations has been released as of March 31st, 2022. Don't miss out on all of the exciting new features to be released for Organizations in 2022!

Ensure Teams Have Joined Your Organization

In order to create a game between two teams, those teams must both be members of the organization. Teams which have been invited to the Organization but have not yet accepted that invite will not be available in the teams list and cannot be scheduled against.

Creating a Head-to-Head Matchup

As the Organization Administrator when you access the Schedule tab within the Organization you will see an Add Game button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that button to create a H2H Game.

The new Organization Schedule tab will allow the Organization Admin(s) to create H2H games that will appear in the Organization, in both Teams’ Schedules, and in Team Messages.
From the Schedule tab the Organization Admin(s) can create H2H games that will appear in the Organization, in both Team Schedules, and in the Team Messages.

As the Organization Admin, set the following game attributes:

  • Select the Home Team
  • Select the Away Team
  • Select the Location
  • Start Time
  • Duration              
  • Arrival Time

Once you have made the required selections you will tap Save and the app will return you to the Organization Schedule screen. After a few seconds your new H2H Matchup will be present in the list. 

Notifications Sent to Both Teams

On event creation, the two Team Communities will receive a notification that the H2H matchup was created and it will be present in their Team Chat as well.

Game Shown in Both Team Schedules

You may access either Team Event or select Game Info to Delete the H2H Game
You may access either Team Event or select Game Info to Delete the H2H Game

When tapping that H2H matchup in the Organization Schedule list you will see three options:

  • View Team A
  • View Team B
  • View Game Info (Org Admin only)

This is because the H2H matchup also creates two Team Games when it is created - one for Team A and one for Team B. These games will automatically stay in sync in the event that the Organization Admin makes any changes to the original H2H matchup from the Organization Schedule screen. Once saved, changes will be reflected in both Team Schedules automatically.

Deleting the H2H Games (Organization Admins only)

When tapping the “View Game Info” button the Organization Admin will be able to review the details entered but they will not be able to Edit those details at this time (H2H Edit is coming soon). The Organization Admin will, however, be able to Delete the H2H matchup which will automatically remove the game from the Organization Schedule as well as from the two Team Schedules. A team message and notification will be sent to both team communities when the game is deleted and will be marked as cancelled.

Coming Soon for Organizations and Head-to-Head Games

The following features will be available shortly to round out the H2H Event creation process as well as enabling H2H Scoring for the start of the season:

Edit Head-to-Head Event 

  • No need to delete and recreate when small changes are required by the Organization Admin. This will allow Organization Admins to quickly change game location, start time, or swap out one team for another. Once those changes are made it will automatically be reflected in the team calendars.

Team Notes and Arrival Times - Editable by Team Staff

  • While the Organization Admin may have created these H2H games, the Coaches/Staff often need to be able to communicate minor changes to their teams. Soon the Game Notes and Arrival Time will be editable by the Coach/Staff to meet those needs.

Head-to-Head Scoring

  • We know that many Teams have a single scorekeeper for their League Games and it is essential for one team to be able to score for the other.  We are hard at work implementing this functionality and we hope that it will streamline the coach’s ability to keep stats for their team when their Scorekeeper is not available or when the Home/Away team is entrusted with this responsibility for both teams in their League.

Thank you so much for participating in the Organization BETA with us, we appreciate both your time and your flexibility in working with us to make this feature/capability the very best that it can be. Be sure to regularly update your GameChanger app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play so that you can stay up-to-date with the Organizations BETA and all of the exciting features coming to GameChanger this Spring 2022!

Questions or feedback on this feature? Send us an email at

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