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Organizations Open Beta

Pete Spiewak
October 21, 2021

NOTE: Both app updates to GameChanger have been released as of November 2nd 2021. All users will be able to participate in the Open Beta simply by installing the App Store or Google Play updates to their GameChanger app and following the instructions below.

GameChanger is excited to announce the release of Organizations which is now in Open Beta for all Coaches and Organization Administrators. This Beta release is intended to gather feedback from you - our Coaches/Staff, League Organizers, Travel Teams and (soon-to-be) Tournament Organizers.

Let's Get Started

To create an Organization tap on the Team Create [+] icon in the top-right corner of the Teams screen and select Create an Organization from the bottom of the Team Create screen that follows:

Tap the [+] icon to get started

Creating the Organization

Once you have begun the creation of your Organization you will:

  • Designate the Organization as a League or Travel Organization
  • Select Baseball or Softball ... (More Sports - Coming Soon!)
  • Enter the Organization Location
  • Give your Organization a Name
  • Select a Governing Body (Little League, USSSA, etc) or Skip For Now
  • Select the Season of Play for your Organization (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall)

NOTE: Each Organization is a standalone collection of teams. If you would like to accommodate for "Divisions" in your League (i.e. Minors, Majors, 12U, 14U, etc) then we suggest you create separate Organizations for each (i.e. Sample League 12U, Sample League 14U, etc).

Within a few seconds you should see your Organization display on your Home/Teams Screen.

Inviting Teams To Your Organization

Once the Organization has been created you can invite teams to join. Each team that you invite must be a team that has already been created on GameChanger in order for that team to join. Each team that is invited to the Organization will receive a "Team Alert" that is available from their Team Alert screen accessible from the Bell (🔔) icon on the top navigation bar in the app.

Adding Teams as the Organization Admin

Once your Organization has been created any existing GC Team can be invited to join

Accepting the Invite As a Coach/Staff

Tap the Bell icon to access your Team Alerts

Welcome Coaches to Your New Organization

Well done! Once that first Coach/Staff accepts your Organization invitation then the Org Admin(s) and Coaches will be able to view the following screens and explore the data that is collected from the participating teams in the Org:

  • Standings - This will display the Wins/Losses/Ties for those teams that have joined. After the completion of each game the Standings will update. Tapping each Team's name will navigate you to that Team's primary screen in the app.
  • Pitch Counts - As an Organization Admin the arm health of our young players is of vital importance. From this screen you may download a Pitch Count Report for the last 5 days of games and ensure that Coaches are complying to League/Organization mandates for pitch counts and for player safety.
Keep track of Pitch Counts from all pitchers that have played in the last five days.
  • Teams - From this screen as the Org Admin you may remove any Team(s) that you no longer want to be part of the Org by tapping on the [...] button and then tapping the Remove From Organization button. As a Coach you will only see that [...] button for your own team and will be able to Leave Organization if you so choose.
  • Settings - Tapping the "Gear" (⚙️) icon you can invite and manage additional Org Admins (maximum of 4), view the Organization info or edit that info if you are the Org Admin and you may also Delete the Organization. Deleting the organization will remove all Team associations to that org as well.
Each Organization can have a maximum of four Organization Admins

Questions or feedback on this feature? Send us an email at

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