Scorebook Sharing

Pete Spiewak
October 9, 2021

Need to submit a record of your game to the league office? Just want to see how that 6-4-3 looks in an old-school book? GameChanger Team Manager has you covered either way.

Accessing the scorebook:

A PDF version of your game’s scorebook can be accessed from the GameStream on either Android or iOS. To locate the Scorebook:

  1. Tap the game on your schedule you’d like to review
  2. Choose the “Plays” tab from the GameStream
  3. Tap the “Scorebook PDF” button

You can also get to the scorebook from the “Plays” tab while scorekeeping, too.

Like the most detailed paper-and-pencil scorekeeper, this PDF will include everything that happened in the game: from every pitch thrown, run scored and out recorded to every stolen base and substitution.

Scorebook sharing

Once you’ve generated the PDF, you can tap the share icon in the upper righthand corner in order to print or share the book whichever way you prefer: email, text message or over social media.

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