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Roxanne O'Driscoll
February 11, 2022

In October we launched our Live Streaming Beta in response to an overwhelming need from families to be at the game, without being at the game.  We started simple: coaches/admins set up their phones, tap “Go Live”, and immediately broadcast video from within Team Manager to their team’s family and players.  Since then, we’ve been hard at work introducing new features to Live Streaming.

Scoreboard Overlay

We now have scorekeeping integration so you can view the score (and more) while watching the Live Stream from any of our scoring enabled sports: baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, football, field hockey. In addition, basketball viewers can see what period is being played and baseball and softball viewers can see the inning, pitch count, outs, and runners on base.  No more answering texts from family or friends at home about “How much are we up by?” It’s right in front of you!  

Fan Controls

Do your fans want in on the action? You now have more control than ever over who has access to view your Live Streams.  Previously, only confirmed family and friends of the team could watch.  Now, before going live, you can choose your audience: family members who can’t make it to the field or any fan of the team … from your neighbor to a college scout.

Live Clipping

First home run? Game-winning three-pointer? You now have the option to share and save clips in real time when your favorite player makes a great play. Simply tap ‘Share Clip’ and we’ll give you the last 30 seconds of video to save to your phone, text out to family and friends, or to #humblebrag on social media.

What’s Next?

While you’ve been busy streaming, we’ve been busy listening to all of your feedback.  We know post-game access to the Live Streams is extremely important and we’re actively working on giving you the ability to access your video archive once the stream has ended.  

For an overview of Live Video Streaming, visit our website page:

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