Track and Clip every Football Play

Sam Girotra
August 17, 2023

Football teams can now track Pass, Run, Defense and Special Teams plays in GameChanger! 

Fans at home can follow along with every completed pass, rushing touchdown, QB sack, interception, and so much more. It gets even better -  if you’re both scoring and live broadcasting the game, GameChanger will automatically clip every single play you track! 

The clips will be available in the Plays tab after the game is finalized and can be viewed, downloaded, and even shared on social media.

Team staff and confirmed members can add clips to individual players, which will appear in the Video Clips section on each player's page. This feature is 100% free for team staff. Confirmed members and fans can access video clips with a Premium subscription.

The more accurately the score is kept, the more accurate the clips will be. But don't worry, if you miss a moment, you can always edit the clip to get it just right.

Look out for even more football and flag football updates from the GameChanger team!

Questions or feedback? Send an email to help@gc

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