Video Archives Now Available for Team Staff

Roxanne O'Driscoll
February 11, 2022

We know the importance of game film to coaches – that’s why with GameChanger's new Video Archives we automatically store all of your Live Streams so you’ll have the footage you need for review later.  As a coach, you’re now able to watch a whole archived game or focus on specific moments to help your team learn new plays, correct mistakes or prep for your next game.

Setting up to stream and record is easier than ever and can all be done from one smartphone device so you can leave the extra equipment behind.  Staff can now Live Stream directly from a scheduled event on their team calendar by tapping the  “Go Live” button.  Once that stream ends, the video will automatically show up on the team’s video section for coaches to review.

Coaches can re-watch the entire game or scrub to specific plays using the intuitive playback controls.  Coaches are also able to zoom in to get a better look at a play, or mute the audio if the fans get too rowdy.

To view an archive game:

As staff, you can view a game from your Video Archives by:

  1. Selecting the team you want to view footage for from the Teams screen
  2. Tap into the Video tab.   Any events that have been Live Streamed will appear here under the Saved Videos section, just below any active Live Streams.  
  3. To view a saved video, simply tap into the specific video tile you wish to view
  4. Watch the full video or use the timeline and video controls to skip around

If your user profile is Staff and you are not seeing the Video tab or Archived Videos, be sure to update to the latest version of the GameChanger app.

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to improve the Live Streaming experience as well as our newly released Video Archives.  In May we updated the archived video to include the scoreboard, to help with the game context and make it easier to fast forward to the plays you want to review.  Additionally, we’re working to expand Video Archive access to our Premium users, so fans and family who can’t make the game live can watch it later. That update is coming soon.

For an overview of Live Video Streaming, visit our website page:

Questions? Send us an email at

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