Date Away Team Home Team Location Result/Time Type
201707271400 Bombers Admirals Oosterhout ADMR 2, BMRS 1 Final Postseason
201707261600 Bombers Falcons Oosterhout BMRS 6, FLCN 2 Final Postseason
201707261200 Admirals Falcons Oosterhout ADMR 9, FLCN 6 Final Postseason
201707260800 Cavaliers Bombers Oosterhout BMRS 8, CVLR 4 Final Postseason
201707251200 Bombers Admirals Oosterhout ADMR 3, BMRS 0 Final Postseason
201707250800 Cavaliers Falcons Oosterhout FLCN 9, CVLR 1 Final Postseason
201707241600 Admirals Cavaliers Oosterhout ADMR 9, CVLR 2 Final League
201707241200 Cavaliers Falcons Oosterhout FLCN 4, CVLR 0 Final League
201707240800 Bombers Falcons Oosterhout FLCN 9, BMRS 2 Final League
201707230900 Bombers Admirals Oosterhout BMRS 18, ADMR 5 Final League
201707211200 Cavaliers Bombers Amsterdam BMRS 12, CVLR 8 Final League
201707210900 Falcons Admirals Amsterdam ADMR 4, FLCN 0 Final League
201707201300 Falcons Cavaliers Antwerpen FLCN 18, CVLR 10 Final League
201707200900 Admirals Bombers Antwerpen ADMR 12, BMRS 2 Final League
201707191300 Bombers Cavaliers Antwerpen BMRS 14, CVLR 4 Final League
201707190900 Admirals Falcons Antwerpen FLCN 7, ADMR 6 Final League
201707190900 Falcons Bombers Antwerpen FLCN 5, BMRS 5 Final League
201707181300 Cavaliers Admirals Antwerpen ADMR 9, CVLR 6 Final League
201707161600 Bombers Admirals La Rochelle ADMR 14, BMRS 4 Final League
201707161200 Falcons Cavaliers La Rochelle CVLR 7, FLCN 5 Final League
201707160800 Admirals Cavaliers La Rochelle ADMR 18, CVLR 3 Final League
201707150900 Bombers Falcons La Rochelle FLCN 7, BMRS 0 Final League
201707141100 Falcons Admirals La Rochelle FLCN 8, ADMR 3 Final League
201707121600 Cavaliers Bombers Sant Boi CVLR 6, BMRS 2 Final League
201707121200 Cavaliers Falcons Sant Boi FLCN 17, CVLR 7 Final League
201707120800 Admirals Bombers Sant Boi ADMR 7, BMRS 3 Final League
201707111500 Falcons Bombers Sant Boi FLCN 4, BMRS 1 Final League
201707111100 Cavaliers Admirals Sant Boi ADMR 6, CVLR 4 Final League
201707101500 Admirals Falcons Sant Boi FLCN 4, ADMR 2 Final League
201707101100 Bombers Cavaliers Sant Boi BMRS 9, CVLR 4 Final League
^ = Unfinished game [?]    * = Manually-entered game
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