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Basketball Feature Highlights - Summer 2024

Feature Notes

Offensive & Defensive Rebounds 

  • Audience & feature info: Scorekeepers in basketball can now specify offensive vs. defensive rebounds when keeping stats for their team. Once a rebound is tracked, the scorekeeper will be prompted to record whether the rebound was offensive or defensive. This feature is also integrated into our Logical Stat Flows- so each rebound recorded will be assigned offensive or defensive automatically based on the play recorded prior. Example: “missed 2pt FG by opponent” automatically records as a defensive rebound for your team. 
  • Messaging sentiment: 

Logical Stat Flows 

  • Audience & feature info: New scorekeeping flows automatically prompt you for the next logical stat after each shot attempt.
  • Messaging sentiment: Scorekeeping, simplified. 
  • Accessible as one of our Free scorekeeping features 

Game Highlights 

  • Audience & feature info: Game Highlights capture the most important plays of the game so you don't have to watch the full game. Valuable for coach review and parents wanting to see the best plays of the game 
  • Messaging sentiment: “The best moments of the game - at your fingertips.” *encourage to stream in order to get highlights*
  • Accessible to staff and premium subscribers  


  • Audience & feature info:AI generated camera feature that automatically pans & zooms to follow the action and deliver the best game coverage possible! Parents and staff are the audience.
  • Messaging sentiment: “set it and forget it” recommended to use this feature with a tripod & is IOS specific feature.